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My typical work process for development is one of early prototyping and iteration. I believe it's important to get something working that can be toyed with, and experimented on, as quickly as possible. I feel it's more interesting to add and subtract elements as needed in order to come up with the best possible experience over time. Having that initial, working structure can be a great boon when working with a team, as well, allowing each member to submit new and better content as we all work together to reach our collective vision for a project.


My design process is one that pulls from every facet of my life; from my interests in languages and books, music, and film, on to my experiences with my amazing daughter, friends, and family, along with all of the great gaming content I've been exposed to over the years from many different cultures.


I believe that when creating new designs it's important to have a large pool of information to pull from, because ideas can come from anywhere. I do my best to expose myself to new entertainment, games, and culture as often as possible. But then I follow up those ideas with the hard work required to convey the vision of my design ideas to those I work with, such as through story and storyboards and on to videos and prototypes.



About Me

If I were to pick one thing to share about myself, I would want to say that I'm passionate about the work I do in designing and developing games. While it's some of the hardest work I've ever had the pleasure of doing, there's nothing that comes close to the achievements of learning something new while also putting something out there into the world that people can actually play and (hopefully) enjoy.


I also don't believe I've ever had another career that's allowed me to meet so many other passionate and extraordinary individuals, that are all interested in creating amazing gaming experiences for our customers. I feel it's an amazing time to be a part of the game industry and I'm excited about the future of our business!

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Game Design and was recently working through my Master of Science degree in Software Engineering with a focus on Mobile Gaming.

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